Israeli university students are sending a nanosatellite to space

by Leah Rosenberg

Well this is just AWESOME! Israel is improving the world and teaching the world in so many areas. Space research? Check!

Off to Space

Israel is constantly trying to learn about the world. Whether it be medical breakthroughs, military advances, or agricultural technology, Israel does not settle for mediocre. And when it comes to learning about outer space, they are searching for answers as well!

If you think about how much Israel has accomplished in its short existence and how much it has accomplished despite its small size, it is astonishing.

One of Israel’s most famous spotlight moments in the realm of Aerospace was February 2019 with its launch of Beresheet.

Helping the World

The launching of the nanosatellite discussed in this video is intended to help the world. This small and affordable satellite is supposed to help give better information about the dangers of radiation in space and the conditions so that astronauts and space technology can be better protected.

This is another example of the good that Israel provides in the world. It is another way that Israel is showing its true colors – that they are a good, free state. What do the BDS movement and all the anti-Israel groups say about this? Will they refuse to use the information that is found on the journey of the nanosatellite? Based on what usually happens, anti-Israel movements will claim that they refuse to use anything made in Israel or provided by Israel, but they will then go on to benefit from everything Israel has to offer. And it will probably be no different this time.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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