Israeli Ministry uncovers fake, anti-Israel Twitter accounts – here’s why it matters

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s important to fight against the anti-Israel activity that takes place on all fronts – the physical borders and also the “borders” on social media.

Stopping all Anti-Israel Activists

Israel’s borders are filled with anti-Israel activity. All the terrorism and death threats to Israel’s very existence is because of people who hate the Jews and the Jewish state. And that is what the IDF is for.

But there is also another war that is being fought constantly. And that is the war of social media and public opinion. There is a special ministry for that – the Ministry of Strategic Affairs. The world is constantly trying to bring down Israel. Not only physically, but through other means as well. And that becomes clearer over time when things like these are discovered – fake Twitter accounts with anti-Israel activity.

Sharing the Truth about Israel

It matters what people think. We want the world to know the truth about Israel and that Israel is a democratic, freedom-loving country. Israel is a country that provides equal opportunities for people of all faiths, colors, and religions. But the lies are drilled into the minds of all those who use social media. The lies are pounded into the heads of those on college campuses. Young and old alike have been brainwashed to believe that Israel is an evil entity.

And that is obviously not true. Reality does not support that. But the more people see the lies written on social media, the more they believe it. And so, the anti-Israel discourse on social media, college campuses, and everywhere else MUST be combatted.

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