Democrats promise to punish Trump supporters

by Leah Rosenberg

Who are the real tyrants? Trump supporters? Or the Left? Promising to punish those who disagree with you politically seems not-so-democratic.

Trump Supporters and the Left

How can it be that in America, people on one side of the political spectrum are promising to punish those on the other side? How can they promise to fire them from jobs, censor them, and even imprison them? That is tyranny. That is the opposite of freedom! Violence against Trump supporters has even been justified. It is frightening.

But that is what is happening. The far Left is threatening Conservatives. It is more than acceptable to have different opinions. Even if you think the other person is dead wrong, you still need to accept their views and treat them with respect.

Dinesh D’Souza brings up an excellent point of the difference between a critic and an enemy. The Left views him (as well as other Conservatives) as the enemy as oppose to just a critic. That is definitely not what America should be like.

Does the Left say that D’Souza is a White Supremacist for supporting President Trump? D’Souza is an Indian-American. He is not White. Why won’t they give him a voice to speak? Because sadly, if you’re a Trump supporter, the media and the Left will silence you – even if you’re Black, Latino, Indian, or any other race and ethnicity that exists.

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