Dominion Software and The “Glitch” That May Have Stole The Election

by Micha Gefen

Dominion Software, the voting software used across the USA in the 2020 is now at the center of the Trump campaign’s legal battles in Michigan.

On election night, Dominion Software “accidently” flipped an entire county to Trump and even cost the Republicans a congressional seat until the mistake was caught and fixed manually.

Dominion software was used in 47 counties across Michigan. If the same amount of votes, which was 6,000 in the flipped county is carried across all the counties, then Trump should have won the state.

But Dominion’s involvement in the 2020 fiasco appears to be far more than just a glitch. Their team has direct ties to the Clinton Foundation. Not surprisingly, Texas reviewed Dominion three times last year and opted to not use it, citing security issues with the software.

Dominion is one of three companies used in election across the USA and Canada.

With the 2020 election now entering a decisive final stage, pieces are beginning to fall into place on the extent of improprieties and voting irregularities in the election.

If Trump succeeds in freezing Michigan and Pennsylvania’s certification, he has the ability push the election into the House of Representatives and thus staying on as President.

As each day moves forward, it becomes clearer that a clever infiltration of the America’s election system was carried out by the far left and the globalist elite by way of these compromised election systems.

This was the coup the Left thought would go unnoticed, yet they overstepped as was planned for by Team Trump and now the counter push is underway.

Will Trump prevail? If not, progressives will use compromised election software to cleverly sway election at will, thus ushering an Orwellian future, where soft tyranny permanently reigns.

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