Israeli soldiers take on MasterChef with only a box of army rations

by Leah Rosenberg

MasterChef is a popular cooking show. And now Israeli soldiers have taken on the task of using what they have to create masterpieces!

What Israeli Soldiers Do

Israeli soldiers do a lot for their country. They defend borders, defend WITHIN the borders, and sacrifice everything to protect their homeland and people. It takes a lot of courage for 18 year olds to leave their homes and put their lives on the line.

In Israel, there is mandatory military service. As post-high school teenagers around the world are planning their lives out, Israelis go to the army. Sadly, because of Israel’s situation, these kids are forced to grow up too fast. They are really just kids.

But sometimes, they are able to have fun as well!


MasterChef is a reality cooking TV show. Sometimes, the cooks are given specific ingredients that they have to cook with.

And this is where Israeli soldiers had some fun. The army gives soldiers rations. They often survive on canned goods, breads, and simple foods. Unlike the participants on MasterChef, the Israeli army is not given gourmet foods to prepare fancy dishes. The soldiers decided to have a little competition on who can make the best dish with their army rations. That is what we call making the best of what life gives you!

They even give viewers the opportunity to pick their favorite dish!

Because soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces have such an intense job, it is nice to see lighter videos about the IDF.

Thank you to the IDF for protecting Israel AND being able to have fun!


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