These Israeli heroes are doing something unbelievable at the Red Sea

by Leah Rosenberg

Every Israeli soldier in the Israel Defense Forces is one of the many Israeli heroes. Did you ever wonder who is protecting Eilat from the sea?

Israeli Heroes at the Red Sea

Eilat is a popular vacation spot. But did you ever think about how it is possible for so many to enjoy their time in Eilat? Israel is surrounded by enemy countries. But on a day to day basis, the average person might forget that.

Israeli heroes are standing at every border and throughout the country to protect people from all harm. And the shores of Eilat are no different. There are Israeli soldiers at the sea protecting Eilat from any and all types of threats. They are known as the Snapir Unit. And the next time you go to Eilat, remember that they are defending you so that you can enjoy your time and live life normally.

Sometimes, it is hard to remember that the borders of Jordan and Egypt are literally right at Eilat. But these soldiers NEVER forget.

What’s Exciting in Eilat

Captivating things fill the city of Eilat. This past year, something unique made Eilat even more exciting. A blue whale made its way to the waters of Eilat! And the camera caught the rare visit!

And something else exciting is happening as well. The Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport is scheduled to open in early 2019. And there are plans to have a nonstop, 10 minute railway connecting the Ramon airport to Eilat.

All of this would not be possible without the Israeli heroes standing guard in the sea.

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