Watch When Prime Minister Bennett Called Out CNN for An Outright Lie

by Phil Schneider

CNN is usually much better at accusing Israel for all of the problems in the State of Israel and the Middle East. But Christiane Amanpour met her match with Israeli Prime Minister Bennett. Amanpour used the same old line that the international community is all in agreement that Israel illegally occupies so-called “Palestinian land,” and that violent settlers are the cause of an endless cycle of violence. That is six lies in one sentence. Big lies. And CNN does it better than anyone else.

First of all, the whole entire idea of lumping the entire international community into one opinion that opposes Israel is a lie. There are many who oppose and many who support Israel’s right to live anywhere in Israel. Those who think that parts of the State of Israel should be judenrein (empty of Jews) are anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. That is true. It is a subject of dispute, not a settled matter. For example, Hillary Clinton and much of the Democrat leadership in Washington objects to Jews living anywhere in Israel, but most of the Republican leadership in Israel, from mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, and others, all think that there is no good reason for Jews to NOT live anywhere in the Land of Israel.

Secondly, there is no concept of “Palestinian Land,” as there is no such thing as a “Palestinian people.” This is an uphill battle as even the suggestion of this is immediately labeled as a racist notion. But it is the truth. The entire notion of a “Palestinian people” was created by anti-Israel Arabs in order to manufacture an ancient Arab claim to the Land of Israel. It’s a new argument that only began in the late 60’s and 70’s. But it has gained popularity over the decades. That doesn’t change the facts. The Jewish and Israeli claim to all parts of the State of Israel are ten times stronger than any other Arab claim. The only occupier of land was the country of Jordan between 1948 and 1967. Once Israel liberated it’s own Land, it returned to it’s ancient indigenous home. Israel should annex the entire area known as Judea and Samaria. That is lie #2.

Lastly, the fiction that in Israel there is a cycle of violence is predicated on the idea that Arabs and Israelis are in a constant tit-for-tat with no right or wrong side. It’s just a mess over there, like downtown Chicago. All wrong. Israel is a wonderful country that has very little violence, especially between it’s citizens. But, it has a violent fifth column, supported by CNN and other major media outlets that attempt to kill and wound Jews. So, yes, Israel fights back and then has to deal with the lying CNN saying that Israel finds itself in a cycle of violence.

There is no other outlet that has more fake news than CNN.

Dr. Risch

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