Is Zionism A Modern Day Term?

by Phil Schneider

Did Zionism begin right before the State of Israel? Well, not really. Actually, Zionism goes back much more than 75-100 years ago. It actually goes back thousands of years – all the way back to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Judaism isn’t just a religion. It is a nation, with a homeland, and they all go back around 3,500 years. Judaism, in the beginning of the Bible, goes back to G-d’s message to Abraham to go to the Chosen Land where He would turn Abraham into a great nation. That is exactly what happened, with some major stories such as the Exodus, Deliverance, and Revelation at Mt. Sinai in the middle of the story.

But, the culmination of the Jewish people building of the Temple on the Temple Mount took more than 500 years when Solomon built the Temple. This stood for more than 400 years until the Babylonians destroyed the Temple and exiled most of the Jewish people. 70 years later, the Jews returned and rebuilt the Temple. That lasted again for more than 400 years until the Romans destroyed the Temple yet again. This led to nearly 2,000 years of exile.

That is when modern-day Zionism began, nearly 2,000 years ago. But actually, Zionism took on many forms and reappeared many times over. This video does an excellent job of taking it apart and getting into much detail in a short 9 minute video.

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