Israeli PM admits to striking targets in Syria

by Phil Schneider

Israel makes decisions about attacks along it’s borders nearly every day. Israel monitors the situation every day and night. This is in order to keep whatever threats Israel’s bordering countries pose to them. For many in Israel, this is what they trust Benjamin Netanyahu for more than anything else. They feel that with him, they are in good hands.

Long-Serving Prime Ministers

Israel’s legendary first Prime Minister was David Ben-Gurion. He was the leader of the Jewish Agency for many years leading up to the State. It was not a surprise to nearly anyone that he would become the first Prime Minister of the new country. What did surprise many people is how long he served in the capacity of Prime Minister. Except for a short hiatus when Moshe Sharett took over. Ben-Gurion served as Prime Minister throughout the 50’s, and even into the 1960’s. These were the years of Israel’s young and formative years. Record numbers of immigrants flooded into the young country – from Europe, North Africa, and all over the world. In less than 3 years, Israel had more than tripled their population. In my opinion, this was unquestionably, one of Israel’s greatest achievements. However, we cannot forget that Prime Minister Ben-Gurion also was at the helm when Israel’s defense forces developed from a small ramshackle Army into a major force that would defend the entire State of Israel and world Jewry.

Young and Mature Prime Minister Netanyahu

In 1996, Benjamin Netanyahu was elected Prime Minister of Israel – around 6 months after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. This was a down-to-the-wire election. He defeated Shimon Peres, an experienced leader of the Labor Party. Netanyahu was just in his 40’s when he took over, and he only lasted for 3 years. But around 6 years after his defeat, he staged a successful comeback and has since been in power for more than a decade. Some claim that he has endured in the Prime Minister spot for so long because people find him reassuring at the helm.

When it comes to Iran, he has been a steady hand. When it came to handling President Obama, he seemed to outsmart the President a few times over. However, now that Israel has such a “good friend” in the White House, one would hope that Netanyahu would use this chance to make a major building boost in Jerusalem and all areas that used to be called controversial.

Netanyahu understands more than almost anyone else that it’s all about timing. Now’s the time.

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