Is Islam really a religion of peace?

by Phil Schneider

OK – get ready for some non-Politically Correct messages about the religion of peace. Avi Yemini doesn’t hold back any punches. He claims that Islam is not at all about peace and tolerance. Quite the opposite. He says it clear and even brings a Muslim Sheikh on the Temple Mount to prove his point.

Radical vs. Non-Radical Muslims

One could argue that the main issues that separate between Muslims who are radical and the ones who are not radical is on the matter of westernization and assimilation. There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the world who have Westernized. They have not renounced their religion, but have adapted to their new surroundings and put aside the aspects of their religion that make it impossible for them to live among people of other religions.

They are probably the majority of the Muslims in the world. But the minority is who we should focus most of our efforts on. If we don’t make sure to keep tabs on them, they will swallow up countries and continue their goals of world domination. There is no room for this in the United States of America. What we need is not a new Mccarthy-type witch-hunt geared at radical Muslims. We need a clear immigration policy, and a clear no-nonsense policy towards anyone and any organization that poses a threat of terror in our midst.

We need to contain the threat of Islamic terror if we want to keep the peace. The “religion of peace” threatens our peaceful way of life.

Avi Yemini –

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