Huge Red Flag – Launch of Antisemite of the Year Award

by Avi Abelow

Veteran NYC Democratic politician Dov Hikind is so concerned about the growing antisemitism, especially in his Democratic party, that he launched the antisemite of the year award to draw attention to this growing cancer in our midst. He is going crazy wondering why the Democratic leadership is silent. “DNC leadership? Have they lost their ears, eyes, or damned minds?”

While the Democratic leadership put out a statement calling for Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to apologize for her antisemitic tweets, it is too little too late, as antisemitism continues to grow within the party.

Antisemite of the Year Top Ten Nominees

As posted by Dov Hikind: “Every year, antisemites battle it out to be the vilest in their anti-Judaism. Time has come to acknowledge the greatest of the worst antisemites with the “Antisemite of the Year” Award. Vote for your favorite or add your own. “

2019 or 1939

Many people have falsely come to believe that antisemitism is a thing of the past. The height of antisemitism was Hitler Nazism, and since then antisemitism is in decline.

Col. Kemp

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