The Arab-Israeli conflict is not as complicated as people think

by Michael Sax

Bezalel Smotrich has the answers everyone has been waiting for. In less than 60 seconds, he explains one of the seemingly most confusing conflicts in the world. So make sure to click the volume button on the lower right side of the video and hear what he has to say.

The answers

A person asks Bezalel, “Why”. Bezalel answers this with a great response. He says: “Why? Because for the last one hundred years, we the Jews, along with the arabs living in Israel, are doing this. Why? Because the Jewish people came home. Thank God and it’s about time. After 2,000 long and bloody years of exile. And, the Arabs are opposed to our return home. It’s very, very simple. It started with pogroms, long before the ‘occupied territories.’  For nineteen years, the ‘occupied’ territories were in Jordanian control. No ‘Palestinian’ state was declared with Jerusalem as its capital. There was not even a demand for one. Nineteen years!”


Bezalel explains: “Because the national “Palestinian” movement was created as a euphemism and to whitewash the complete denial of the Jewish nation’s right to return to their homeland. Not occupation, not territories, not self-determination, not deprivation. Just hatred.”

Palestinian invention

The Palestinian national identity is a modern invention. It denied the historic connection between the land of Israel and the Jewish people. That is why there is conflict in Israel. The “Palestinians” have been bombing and killing Israelis at every chance they get. So that answers the grand question of “why”.

The next stage is what to do about it. Bezalel explains how to prevent the next conflict. It’s time for the arabs to acknowledge reality and historical reality. Archaeological evidence proves Jews lived in Israel thousands of years ago. We are returning to our ancestral homeland, we come with the truth.  We need proud and clear-minded leaders like this in the Knesset!

Arab Incitement
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