Israeli Leftists Show Misplaced Compassion Towards Arab Terrorists

by Avi Abelow

On February 26th, Hamas terrorist Abd al-Fattah Hussein Ibrahim Gharusha shot and killed brothers 21-year-old Hallel Yaniv and 19-year-old Yagel Yaniv as they were driving through the Arab village of Hawara. As there is no outlying road, many Jewish residents of Samaria must drive through Hawara every day to and from work and school. Every day there are rock attacks on Jews driving through the Hawara village, and sometimes worse, like this shooting attack. It is a miracle that not as many Jews are seriously injured to the high number of terror attacks in the village. The IDF knows that the Hawara village has a lot of terrorists.

In an act of frustration that the IDF is not doing enough to protect the Jews in Judea & Samaria from the daily terror attacks against them, some Jews protested in the Arab village of Hawara where the shooting took place. While nobody was injured, an Arab lot of stolen Israeli cars were burnt up. Headline news focused on the “horrible violence of the Jews” against the Arabs.

Two Christian brothers actually were present for the “violence” and it was totally misreported. You can see their video report here.

Regardless, in response to the headlines about Jewish violence in Hawara, Israeli leftists showed support for the Arab terrorists of Hawara and even raised 1 million NIS for them.

In response to this virtue-signaling reporting, I felt it imperative to share with you the English translation of a Hebrew post written by a friend of mine Daniel Seaman:

The left mobilized and collected within hours over a million NIS for the Arab Muslim residents of Hawara.

Some of those Hawara residents collaborated with the murderers of the two Jewish brothers, photographed them soaking in their blood in a car without providing them with first aid, uploaded the photos happily on social media, and celebrated the murder by handing out candy and setting off fireworks.

Remind me, how much money did these leftist Israelis collect for the residents of Acre, Lod or Ramla when Arab rioters burned their vehicles, businesses and homes?

How many times have they collected money for the residents of Sderot, Nativot or Ashkelon when their vehicles, homes and businesses were hit by rocket fire?

How much money was raised for the kibbutzim whose fields were destroyed in the fires set by the residents of Gaza?

I’m not even talking about consoling the Jewish families who lost their sons or entire families to Arab Muslim terror, like the Fogel family HY”D.

The main thing is their virtue-signaling when it comes to caring about our Arab Muslim enemies.

Thank you Daniel for stating the truth. And this is a snapshot of the Jewish left. They care more about our enemies than they do about their fellow Jews.

What do we learn from this?

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