A Group of Arabs Went to Auschwitz and Were Shocked by What They Saw

by Leah Rosenberg

It is not common for Arabs to go to Auschwitz. You have to see what these Arabs experienced while learning about the Holocaust.

Learning About the Holocaust in Auschwitz

This is such a unique video. How often do you hear about a group of Arabs going to Auschwitz to learn about the horrors that the Nazis carried out? Jews were ruthlessly slaughtered there and everywhere during WWII.

So much indoctrination happens among Arab youth. It’s actually terrifying. What happens too often in the Muslim Arab world is destroying the next generation. It destroys the next generation’s desire for peace and love. But then you see a video like this one. And it gives you hope. It reminds you that there is a chance for peace. It reminds you that some Arabs are being properly educated and are willing to do their part to build bridges instead of destroy them. 

Yoseph Haddad is an Israeli-Arab who tries to educate Arabs and the world with the truth. He wants people to know the facts about Israel and the Jewish people. He is really changing the world for the better with all of his work that he does. Haddad is willing to swim against the tide and stand up for Israel, even if it means he will be standing alone. 

When Muslim Arabs are being brainwashed to hate and murder from a young age, they are not even given a chance to see the world in a positive way. Let’s hope that we see more Yoseph Haddads in the next generation.

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