Must-See: Iranian News Outlet Interviews Bibi Netanyahu

by Phil Schneider

This is a real shocker! Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke directly to an Iranian television show. The reason Netanyahu chose to speak to this channel is because he is a strong ally of the majority of the Iranian people. Netanyahu sees the Iranian regime as the enemy of Israel and the world. But more than anything else, the Iranian regime is the enemy of the Iranian people.

The IRGC, Iranian Republic Regime has become unmasked due to the protests of masses of Iranian people. What is so often overlooked is that the Iranian people are a wonderful people with a wonderful heritage that has been completely lived a downtrodden lifestyle since the Iranian revolution in 1979.

During the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, the country of Iran was a fast developing Western-oriented country that was far more developed than nearly any other country in the Middle East. This all came to a sudden end in 1979 with the revolution.

If Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries can sit down and reach economic understandings with the State of Israel, Iran can most certainly also turn around one day. But first, the Iranian people must go free from Iranian tyranny, and this is what Prime Minister Netanyahu explains to the Iranian channel. The common enemy of the Iranian people, the State of Israel and the entire Western world is the Iranian regime. It can and will change,

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