An Israeli Arab Did Something Shocking at an Anti-Israel Protest

by Leah Rosenberg

What would you expect an Israeli Arab to do at an anti-Israel protest? The world might be surprised to see this.

Israeli Arab Yoseph Haddad Goes to an Anti-Israel Protest

You have to be brave to do what Yoseph Haddad does. As an Israeli Arab, he is constantly going to places where he has to swim against the tide. He wants to prove how wrong people are about the one and only Jewish state.

He is a living and walking proof that what much of the world claims about Israel is just false. The “Palestinian” narrative is a complete lie.

Is Israel an apartheid state? Far from it. Why would an Israeli Arab go around standing up for the Jewish state if he was being oppressed? Israeli Arabs have much better lives living under the Israeli government than the Palestinian Authority.

These people protesting have no idea what they are saying. They don’t know the facts. If they truly cared about Palestinian Arabs, they would be protesting the Palestinian Authority. They would be protesting Hamas. They would be protesting what those “leaders” do to their own people. But sadly, all they do is protest Israel. These anti-Israel protesters stand against the one and only Jewish state – the state that actually treats Arabs well. It’s remarkable that Yoseph Haddad is willing to go to these type of protests and loudly and proudly stand up for his country, Israel. If only more people were as brave as Haddad. If only there were Israeli Arabs standing up for the truth at every anti-Israel protest.

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