World Renowned Cardiologist – “No More Covid Shots”

by Avi Abelow

Dr. Peter McCullough is widely regarded as one of the most published and researched medical professionals on the planet. He has over 1000 publications and 600 citations in the National Library of Medicine, as well as being a founder and current president of the Cardiorenal Society of America.

He isone of the most respected doctors in the world, and has been a beacon of light throughout this covid-19 insanity.

What is Dr. McCollough’s reward for voicing his expert opinion? He’s being stripped of his credentials.

Back in October, 2022 he was terminated as Editor-in-Chief of Cardiorenal Medicine and Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine.

Below is the personal message he sent to a journalist about his termination:

I was terminated as the Editor-In-Chief of Cardiorenal Medicine and Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine after years of service and rising impact factors.  There was no phone call, no board meeting, no due process.  Just e-mails or certified letters.  Powerful dark forces are working in academic medicine to expunge any resistance to the vax. 

Yesterday I was stripped of my board certifications in Internal Medicine and Cardiology after decades of perfect clinical performance, board scores, and hundreds of peer reviewed publications.   

None of this will stop until there is a “needle in every arm.”

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