Two Christians Went Inside an Arab Village to Destroy the Media’s Lies about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The lies about Israel have gotten out of control. Find out exactly what happened after a recent terror attack that killed two brothers.

Debunking the Media and its Lies About Israel

The media doesn’t tell you the truth. When it comes to Israelis and Arabs, most outlets paint Israel as an aggressor. They twist the stories. They blame Israel when Muslim Arabs murder innocent Jewish men, women, and children. The lies about Israel are absolutely insane. Recently, two Israeli brothers, Hallel and Yagel Yaniv, were murdered by an Arab terrorist in the Arab village of Huwara. And the world got the story wrong, once again. This video needs to be seen by everyone. People need to know the truth. People need to know how they are being fed lies by the various media outlets.

No, not every Arab is a terrorist. But it is unfair to ignore the horrendous murder that took place in this Arab village. It is unfair to claim that these Arabs are victims and that the two Jewish brothers who were killed are the aggressors. It is unfair to spread these terrible lies about Israel and Israelis. If the world actually took a minute to see the facts, would they realize the truth?

We must do our best to educate those willing to listen and to defend the Jewish people’s right to live in their own homeland. “The Israel Guys” do an excellent job defending the Jewish people and Israel. They share the facts and the truth. We need more people like them!

You can never justify Arab terrorists murdering innocent Jews. And sadly, that is what the world does on a constant basis. It is time we stopped the lies about Israel.

(*Note that the terrorist who carried out this heinous attack in Huwara has since been killed in an operation)

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