Must-See: The Pandemic Liars Have Been Completely Exposed

by David Mark

“Independent Fact Checkers” – This is the new fake standard for determining fact from fiction. Who are these independent fact checkers? The answer is that the fact checkers are nothing but another ruse of the left to discredit, manipulate, and lie in order to trash opinions that don’t fit the climate-change oriented leftist narrative that is pervading the public sphere.

Who are the “independent fact checkers” that determined that whatever Dr. Fauci said should be considered fact and whatever Donald Trump said should be considered fictional conspiracies? The answer is that these “people” are nothing more than programs designed by woke leftists or woke leftists themselves that are so deeply bought into their narratives that they only see evil when the name Donald Trump is mentioned. Conversely, anyone that hates or contradicts Donald Trump is good.

In all fairness, there are the Trump supporters who have responded in kind and have difficulty seeing anything wrong with anything Donald Trump has done or will do in the future, even when the Donald goes off the rails.

We need a return to normalcy where actions and policies are viewed and decided on for their own merits and not merely based on whether or not they fit a specific narrative about a person.

Today, with the perspective of a few years past the beginning of the pandemic, some things are clear. Donald Trump was certainly off in the very early stage when he made proclamations indicating that the coronavirus will just disappear in a matter of weeks. This was nothing more than a hunch based on nothing, and he was dead wrong.

But, he pivoted early from disregard of the coronavirus to properly labeling the coronavirus the China virus and shutting down flight from China. This was not a racist attitude, but a true description of reality and a reasonable response. It was not merely Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson who parroted the lab leak theory as the origin of the coronavirus. Their were many other scientists and diplomats. True – none of them knew as much as Dr. Fauci about infectious diseases. But Dr. Fauci was wrong this time and they were right.

Dr. Fauci’s constant refrain that anyone that disagreed with him disagreed with science is the greatest indictment as to the arrogance that he possessed. Any time that person attempts to aggrandize science around themselves, they have lost their ability to make proper judgments, and should be dismissed for their arrogance.

Science is not a one man binary reflection of facts. It is a living and changing field that is constantly evolving, especially when new challenges appear like the coronavirus pandemic.

Sometimes, men with business degrees have better judgment about science than scientists with 60 years of experience who brim with confidence, and possess a calming demeanor.

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