Israeli charity does something remarkable with unwanted food

by Leah Rosenberg

Leket is an Israeli charity that is literally saving lives. It is amazing how they can feed so many people with food that was going to get thrown away.

Israeli Charity Feeds the Poor

This is not the only Israeli charity to feed the poor and needy, of course. But Leket rescues food that would have otherwise been thrown away, as discussed in this video.

It is amazing what people and organizations are willing to do for others. It is so selfless. The fact that Leket feeds 175,000 people every week is remarkable.

Israel and the Jewish people are giving. They care to help make their country and the world a better place.

Kindness – a Cornerstone of Judaism

G-d commands us to be kind. It is a commandment to give charity. To help. To be giving. G-d wants us to be kind to those around us; help those who may have less.

You can see it with Israel and when there’s a disaster somewhere in the world. They are always one of the first, if not the first, to send aid. They always come to help. Tsunamis, earthquakes – it doesn’t matter. Israel is there. And they even help countries who they have no formal ties with. That is just pure kindness.

Let’s not forget the kindness that Israel does for the people of enemy countries like Syria. They have given them medical attention at the border, surgeries in Israel, and more.

Israel is not perfect. But they do their best. Can you really ask for more?

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