Israeli Arab Asks College Student About Israeli Apartheid – What Happened Next Will Shock You

by Leah Rosenberg

Yoseph Haddad nailed it in this video. As an Israeli Arab, he knows the truth. He knows there is no apartheid in Israel. Check this out.

Israeli Arab Stumps Uneducated College Student

Yoseph Haddad has shown the world the truth yet again. He proved that college students (and others) are brainwashed into believing something that is a lie. There is no Israeli apartheid. It is a matter of fact. No, it is not a matter of opinion. Go to Israel and see for yourself. Haddad is an Israeli Arab. He served in the Israel Defense Forces. He lives in Israel!

Israel may not be a perfect country, but it most definitely does not practice apartheid! This college student was trying to defend what she believed without actually knowing any facts. She could not even define apartheid! She has never been to Israel. So how can she be an advocate for a “cause” that she clearly knows nothing about? This young woman could not answer the questions that Haddad asked her. Sadly, there are too many people who spew nonsense without knowing any facts.

Although Yoseph Haddad is not the only Israeli Arab who loves Israel, he definitely has a strong and powerful influence. He has made it his business to defend the one and only Jewish state – a state which does not resemble apartheid in the slightest.

If only there were more people like this unique Israeli Arab who were willing to go around to college campuses throughout the world and share the truth.

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