Biden and Harris Have Ignored This Huge Scandal

by Phil Schneider

This video should trouble you to the core. It is not a collection of short little barbs that can be interpreted as perhaps alluding to an anti-semitic attitude. It is straight-up, in-your-face hatred of anything that is Jewish or connected to Israel. And this is the “religion” of tens of thousands of people who follow and listen to this bigot.

It must be said straight out. Black anti-semitism is a major issue today. This is not a new phenomenon. But it has taken on a greater dimension now that there is greater financial divide between the rich and poor in the United States.

No matter how much the Jewish people have done for the Civil Rights Movement, and no matter how much the Jewish people have done to help all people in the United States, the hatred of the Louis Farrakhans of the world will only grow and grow.

The exposure of this hate by the ADL should be applauded. It is indeed a cancer that is spreading that nobody talks about. This kind of hate speech is NOT censored by the social media companies that dominate the internet landscape. Be forewarned. This has very little to do with anything relating to the State of Israel. It is the same old ancient hatred of Jews that has fueled the pogroms in Russia, and the anti-Jewish activities in Europe over the last 10 centuries.

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