Israel vs. the world: The 3 minute history lesson

by Leah Rosenberg

From day one when David Ben Gurion declared the State of Israel, its neighbors and other countries around the world have been out to see it destroyed.

In 1948 Israel was declared a state, within an hour of this deceleration its neighbors had declared war with the intention to alienate it and push the Jews into the sea. However, after months of war Israel, the Jewish State was not going anywhere, much to its neighbors’ disappointment.

1956, the Suez Canal, a strategic point that connects the Mediterranean Ocean and the Indian Ocean via the Red Sea. Egypt nationalized the Canal, closing it off to Israel Shipping. With the help of the British and France Israel managed to gain control of the Suez Canal. Israel hit Egypt hard and also regained the Sinai Peninsula. Helping Israel gain access to the Red Sea and helping the country economically.

June 1967, the 6 Day War. Israel was attacked by all of its neighbors, Syria, Jordan, Egypt plus Iran and Saudi Arabia. This war was a great win for Israel it regained sovereignty over the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and, what most people call today the West Bank, also known as Judea and Samaria. This included Israel regaining Temple Mount, a place at the heart of the Jewish People.

The Yom Kippur War, October 1973, this was fought against Egypt and Syria in the hope they would gain back some of the lands they lost in the 6 Day War. It started on the Day of Repentance, it was a surprise attack. In the end, no land exchanges were made.

First and Second Lebanon War. The first war took place in 1982 when the Israeli Army entered south Lebanon to try and expel the PLO, Palestinian Leadership Organization, after a countless number of terrorist attacks. This war resulted in the expulsion of the PLO and the Israeli Security Zone in southern Lebanon. The Second Lebanon War took place in 2006 and was in response to Hezbollah abducting two Israeli Soldiers. This war ended when there was a United Nations-brokered Ceasefire.

First and Second Intifada, the first intifada took place between 1987 and 1993, when there was Arab uprising in the Gaza strip and Judea and Samaria. The second took place between 2000 and 2005, this involved many terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings.

The Gaza War, end of 2008/2009, Operation Protective Edge and Operation Pillar of Defense have all been military actions Gaza. The Arabs of Gaza were shooting rockets at the southern cities of Israel, where more then once a day people were running to bomb shelters with only 15 seconds before the rocket landed.

Israel has won many wars against its neighbors but not with out causalities. In order for Israel to truly have peace with its neighbors, the surrounding countries have to recognize Israels right to existence, which many of them do not. They want to push the Jewish People into the sea and extinguish the state of Israel, so they can control the land. As shown, by the history of the Jewish People they are not going anywhere, they are here to stay.

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