The antisemitism in the Democratic Party is not just about Ilhan Omar

by Leah Rosenberg

The world is focusing on Democratic Party member Ilhan Omar and her antisemitism. But she is just an example of the much larger issue at hand.

The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has drastically changed over time. Indeed, it has come to the point that they just allow antisemitism to permeate their party. Yes, Ilan Omar has compared Israel to Iran. She has said that Israel hypnotized the world. Omar supports the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Movement. Obviously, she is a blatant anti-semite. And she also allegedly married her brother and committed immigration fraud.

But antisemitism in the Democratic Party did not start with Ilhan Omar. The problem is much larger. America’s Left is mainstreaming antisemitism. She is just an offshoot of the problem. And the only way America can tackle the issue is if they understand that point.

Will the Democrats Stop it?

By not getting rid of this antisemitism in their party, the Democrats are complicit in what is going on. It is actually quite frightening that they have not taken a stronger stance yet. It is true – not all Democrats are antisemitic. But by being bystanders in the growing antisemitism in their party, they are allowing it to happen. They are guilty as well.

The fact that this type of antisemitism is taking place in America is mind-boggling. And in America’s GOVERNMENT? It is almost too shocking to believe. The Democrats need to stand up to the hate. They need to regain control over their party and realign themselves with American values.

Dr. Risch

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