Israel and the UAE Are About to Put Yemen in Its Place

by Gavriel Dan

While Saudi Arabia appears worn out from failing to subdue the Iranian backed Houthi insurgency in Yemen, the UAE and Israel see that it is necessary for them to put the Iranian backed proxy in their place once and for all.

It is critical for the UAE and Israel to subdue the Houthis in Yemen as they pose the biggest threat to the region. As a proxy for Iran their goal is to strangle shipping int he Red Sea and wreck havoc against Saudi Arabia and ultimately Israel.

In terms of Red Sea shipping, the UAE needs a clear route to bring its oil to Israel’s Southern port to be shipped out through the Trans Israel pipeline.

So what is Israel and the UAE planning to do about the Houthi threat?

Unlike Saudi Arabia, which fought a traditional war against the Houthis and lost, the UAE is funding and back multiple groups on the ground without placing any of its own soldiers in the way. Besides this, it is in control of the Yemeni Island of Socotra, where it has allowed Israeli tourists to visit. Besides this, it appears that a joint UAE-Israel base is being built on the Island.

With the UAE beginning to take control of the pushback against Iran in Yemen, their strategy proves that they are in it to win it.

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