Heartbreaking Farewell for IDF Rescue Team at Surfside Building Tragedy

by Leah Rosenberg

This tragedy affected so many different people. People from all over wanted to aid in the rescue mission, including the IDF Rescue Team.

IDF Rescue Team Goes Back Home

This condo collapse in Surfside, Florida is such a tragic incident. It did not just affect one type of person or one type of religion. So many different people lived in the building, and so many people are now mourning their loved ones. When disaster strikes throughout the world, Israel is there to help. Yes, there were Jews involved in this tragedy in Surfside, sadly. But that isn’t why the IDF rescue team came. Israel came because they want to help people in the world – no matter what their religion or nationality is. Israel has had rescue missions to Haiti, Nepal, Brazil, Mexico, and more. The list is long.

It is a Jewish value to be selfless and help; to do Chesed, as it is called. It is ingrained within the Jewish spirit not to stand by and watch but rather to get up and do something. Israel does not discriminate. Wherever disaster and tragedy strike, Israel is there to offer its assistance.

It is emotional watching the Israeli team leave Surfside. They departed with applause for their service as well as the song in Hebrew that talks about the waiting and longing for the Messiah.

The hope is that no more tragedy will strike throughout the world. But if it does, Israel will be there to help.

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