Disturbing New Documentary Exposes BLM’s Real Agenda

by Phil Schneider

The BLM movement has jumped into the forefront of activism in the United States today. There are many who are baffled by the true motives of the BLM organization. Are they truly concerned about racism against black people in the United States? Well, yes. But that is just a small part of what they are truly about. The primary focus of the organization is actually an anti-white, anti- law and order philosophy that has brought chaos to many cities across America.

The BLM movement is much more potent than many realize. It has galvanized supporters from all over the left-wing spectrum. But a few things must be clear. The Black Lives Matter movement is not about defending the rights of people. It is about attacking people that it hates. It is indeed a hate-filled movement. It is nothing like the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s. Martin Luther King led a non-violent protest movement that had a reasonable gripe. The right to vote and to not be treated as second class citizens was indeed a serious issue throughout the United States in the 60’s. The Civil Rights Law was enacted largely due to pressure from the Civil Rights Movement, and America took a giant step forward towards equality for all minorities.

Today, the Black Lives Matter movement is attempting to destroy the lives of anybody that it wants. It is willing to smash storefront windows and create havoc in cities in order to change the fabric of American society. It is an inherently hate-filled movement. That is why anti-semitism is a significant part of it’s activities. The Black Lives Matter movement is actually not about black people at all. It is about hatred of all those that radical leftists oppose.

Arab Incitement
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