An Exclusive Look at What it’s Like to be an Israeli Navy Soldier

by Leah Rosenberg

Being an Israeli Navy soldier is special. It is like being part of family. Take a look at some of the unique aspects of being in this unit.

The Life of an Israeli Navy Soldier

Being in the IDF in general is different than being in any other army in the world. The IDF is forced to protect its borders. They defend from within Israel and ensure that its borders are secure. It is different in the United States and other Western countries. And being an Israeli Navy soldier is also unqiue. These are soldiers who protect Israel from the sea. They live, breathe, and eat on their boat. They are constantly preparing themselves for anything that may come their way. The Israeli Navy is always training itself to be better and better.

These soldiers in this unit protect Eilat and the Red Sea. They dedicate their lives to the people of Israel, and they deserve the utmost respect.

Would You Know Israel is just 73 years old?

If someone had never heard of the state of Israel, and they came to visit, they would probably assume that Israel was established hundreds of years ago. After all, Israel has an outstanding army, excellent hospitals, school systems, and everything else that a strong country has.

But Israel is just 73 years old (or young, we should say). It has flourished in a way that defies all odds. Surrounded by countries that want it wiped off the face of the map, Israel has still developed itself and contributed to the world. It is clear that G-d has watched over His people and His land.

And He has sent His soldiers in the Israeli Navy to be His messengers.

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