Loud Explosion In Iran’s Capital

by Micha Gefen

Conflicting reports are circulating about the cause of an explosion that in North Tehran, Iran’s capital this evening.

Over the last few months, the Mossad and its partners in the region have been behind some of the most daring attacks against the Iranian regime. While Iranian authorities are pretending tonight’s blast was just a “stun grenade” footage from the scene shows a serious blast and fire in the northern part of the Iranian capital.

Despite Iran and the West drawing closer to a final nuclear deal, Israel and its Sunni Gulf allies have decided to continue to fight the Mullahs every step of the way.

This evening’s blast was said to be in a park near the official Iranian TV headquarters, which is considered by most to be the propaganda arm of the regime. There are many anti-government groups from the Kurds to Balluchs who would be happy to carry out operations on the ground. Besides them, Iranians are more and more prepared tos trike at the heart fo the Islamist regime.

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