Pentagon Says That The World Is Heading Towards Nuclear Conflict

by Micha Gefen

As America descends into cultural conflict and political chaos, Russia and China are on the move, both economically and militarily.

With Russia and China developing incredibly advanced nuclear weapons, the Pentagon is now warning that a nuclear confrontation may be inevitable. The US Military is actively preparing both American servicemen and women as well as the general populace for armed conflict.

As the American hegemony across the world begins to crack, the Military Industrial Complex is getting nervous that its control over swaths of the world is falling behind its major competitors. More than Russia and China, North Korea and Iran have significantly upped their game.

As the political echelon on Washington continues to push forward weak policy, filled with capitulation, other countries are rising up to fill the void. This is exactly why Israel may have to go it lone or at least without America. China backs Israel’s arch nemesis Iran. With Biden compromised by China, Iran is beginning to pose a far more serious challenge to Israel and the Gulf Sunni States than ever before.

So what will Israel do in the coming conflict?

The only thing it can do is to defend itself.

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