As Nuclear Talks Stall, Attacks On US Forces In Iraq Increase

by Micha Gefen

It is no secret that the nuclear talks between the Western powers and Iran have begun to stall. After all, the Iranians have no real interest in reentering the 2015 nuclear deal since they are so close to their goal of nuclear breakout.

With the talks beginning to lag, Iranian proxies in Iraq – especially the Shiite militias, have begin to increase their attacks with rockets and drones against US forces. America has responded, but any hopes of crushing the Iranian backed Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) is fantasy.

So what is Iran’s goal?

The Iranians want to force the US our like the Vietcong did when the world saw the US army abandon Saigon. The Mullah’s want to turn Baghdad into Saigon 2.0. By prolonging the negotiations and waging war at the same time, the Iranian leadership is hoping to weaken the American resolve to continue and instead the Biden administration will simply order a major pullback – similar to Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the message of such a pullback would simply be surrender and ultimately result in handing the Middle East over to Iran and their backer China.

Biden may be considering such a pull out, but to do it under attack would be the death knell for US global leadership.

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