Will Israel Take On China?

by David Mark

With the Hamas war on pause, the next confrontation is fast coming. However, this next fight pits Israel against China – something unthinkable a short while ago.

It has become clear over the last year that the once burgeoning relationship between China and Israel is now heading for a fast breakdown. China’s growing relationship with Iran has led it to follow the Ayatollah’s in choosing Hamas agains the tiny Jewish State.

More than the current conflict, China has already inked a major defense deal worth billions with Iran. With the Sino-Iranian alliance growing, natural animosity and anti-semitism towards the Jewish State is growing as well. China has placed its entire plans for control over the Middle East with Iran. So with each attack Israel launches against Iran or its proxies like Hamas or Hezbollah, it is fast becoming a stumbling block to Beijing’s control in the Middle East.

Israel has the following “weapons” it can unleash on China’s growing control of the region. The first is to increase its attacks on Iranian forward positions in Syria. The second is to begin to freeze all business dealings with Beijing. This won’t be easy, but as the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said – completely necessary. The third is to increase its defense alliance with India as well as Bhutan. By partnering with China’s strategic adversaries, Israel can do to China, what China is doing to it.

America may be wounded in terms of its Middle East control, but with China growing in power, allowing Iran to march on Israel, the Jewish State cannot gamble by following America’s path. It must be ready to defend itself, by itself.

Dr. Risch

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