Israel and Hamas Reach a “Mutual and Unconditional” Truce

by Micha Gefen

The mutually agreed upon truce that is also unconditional, agreed upon by both Hamas and Israel went into affect Friday morning. The effects of the truce was already felt at the quiet across Israel and Gaza.

While the truce was celebrated by the international community, its real purpose had little to do with Israel or Hamas, but rather Joe Biden’s need to stave off an internal revolt by far left Democrats who are quickly taking over his party.

At the core of it, Biden’s team can be split between far left globalists like Jake Sullivan and traditionalists like Loyd Austin and Tony Blinken. This schism allowed for Israel to achieve some of its aims, but not most of them. Biden needed respite from the left’s onslaught led by AOC and Rashida Tlaib.

Another factor is Biden’s need to calm down the region as he closes in on another nuclear agreement with Iran. Given the fact that the skirmish of the last week and half was a proxy war between Israel and Mullah’s, Biden’s team needed to start pushing for it to wind down. Already there are those asking why the US is so interested in reentering the 2015 nuclear deal if Iran is pushing for more destabilization.

The truce, if it holds does nothing to affect any long term arrangement or prevent Hamas from starting another conflict whenever it suits them. What it does do is in affect hand Biden an IOU to Netanyahu and that perhaps may be just as important.

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