Joan Rivers’ Take on Hamas Rockets is Exactly What the World is Missing Now

by Phil Schneider

Joan Rivers is no longer with us. But her blunt words in a 2014 impromptu interview are exactly what no late-night show hosts would never say today. It’s not politically correct to support Israel when a terrorist quasi-state sends a massive missile barrage against it. Every late-night show host bends over backward to prove how progressive they are by blaming Israel for being the core reason that terrorists fire missiles at it.

Sometimes, you need someone like Joan Rivers to say it like it is. It is really that simple. Israel has some unfriendly countries on it’s borders and some luke-warm friendly countries. But Hamas is basically the equivalent of an ISIS group – with one major exception. It places itself in the heart of a civilian population that it keeps hostage. Then when Israel does what any sovereign country does – defends itself by hitting back – inevitably, civilian casualties pile up, and then Hamas – ISIS and their supporters are able to scream that Israel is committing atrocities. The Hamas – ISIS terrorists actually want more civilians to be killed because it suits their goals well, namely, pressuring Israel to withdraw and weaken Israel’s response.

Today ,we need some fresh clear voices like Joan Rivers who know how to label stupidity as such. Israel is not the aggressor and deserves accolades for using precision bombs. England and the USA did not hold back from bombing German manufacturing plants when civilian casualties lived nearby. These are not minor border skirmishes. This is an ISIS-like entity that is terrifying 7 million people in the State of Israel. The United States would be carpet bombing any country that would do this to 3/4 of it’s population. Joan Rivers is right on.

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