The Story Behind One of the Most Famous Campaigns in Jewish History

by Leah Rosenberg

Jewish history is filled with surprises. When the Lubavitcher Rebbe was alive, he did things that changed the world forever.

Spiritual Moments in Jewish History

Jewish History has its spiritual moments and its moments that feel not as spiritual. When the Lubavitcher Rebbe, also known as just the Rebbe, was still alive, he infused the world with spirituality. He saw spirituality in places that others did not. He saw inside the soul of each person when others could not look passed their physicality. And that allowed him to change the lives of Jews throughout the world.

One of the things the Rebbe did was a Tefillin campaign. It is a commandment from G-d for Jewish men above the age of 13 to don Tefillin, or phylacteries. Not every Jew is connected to Judaism or the Torah. So there are many Jews who have never worn Tefillin. The Rebbe wanted to change that. And each time someone else wore Tefillin, even just once, it filled the world with more spirituality.

Keeping G-d’s commandments have an impact on what happens in the world. The Rebbe knew that. He knew that encouraging Jewish men to wear Tefillin could save the Jewish people. And what happened? Exactly that. The nation of Israel won the war of 1967 as the Rebbe encouraged Jewish men to wear Tefillin. G-d protected His people and continues to do so.

This video shows one story of the many miraculous events that have occurred when the Jewish people keep G-d’s commandments. May they continue to do so and to connect with G-d!

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