Israel Prepares To Fight A Two Front War

by David Mark

Israel’s border with Lebanon continues to heat up as attacks from Hezbollah increase.

In response, the IDF has been using artillery and the air force to hit back at Hezbollah. Yesterday, one civilian was killed and other wounded after Hezbollah hit the northern village of Dovev. Drones were sent into Metullah and rockets fired at the greater Haifa area.

Today a Hezbollah drone breached Israeli airspace, sending many communities into their shelters. Israel and Hezbollah have been continuing to trade attacks throughout the day.

Last night the IDF spokesman said during his daily briefing:”The situation on the #Lebanon border will not be left as it is.” He continued by saying: ”We have operational plans on how to change the security reality on the #Lebanon border. We will not allow our citizens to return home and find terrorists sitting on the border. We are ready for every development”

Israeli media reported yesterday that the IDF is set to provide a situational assessment to the War Affairs Cabinet It will state that the current situation on the Lebanon border will eventually initiate a full blown war with Hizbullah.
However, the IDF still believes that it’s possible to deter Hezbollah by escalating retaliatory attacks, and if this will not succeed then the operational defense mode will be gradually turned into operational offense with all the consequences.

It seems that after yesterday that deterrence has not worked and a full out war is looking for likely.

A war with Hezbollah could make the Gaza war seem small in comparison as Hezbollah has an arsenal of hundreds of thousands of missiles and is fully backed by Iran.

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