This is Exactly What Will Bring the Final Redemption

by Leah Rosenberg

We have been waiting and praying for the final redemption to come. Sometimes, it feels far away. And other times, it feels so, so close.

Is the Final Redemption Right Around the Corner?

We don’t know when the final redemption will come. But we do feel it is near. And we do know that acts of kindness and unity amongst the Jewish people definitely brings it closer. This video is truly incredible. How can you not believe that the Mashiach is on his way? The love that exists right now between all types of Jews is beautiful. We are witnessing something historic.

Are you blown away by this? By the love of one fellow Jew for another? By the breaking down of the labels that have defined us? The Jewish people are one family. We are made up of different tribes. We all have our part to play. Although not everyone in a family is going to be exactly the same and serve G-d in exactly the same way, we still love each other.

The unity that has occurred over the last month is remarkable. And it is not something small. It is something huge. It is something that helps bring the final redemption closer and helps rebuild the final Temple.

We must continue this unity and love for each other going forward. We cannot forget what it feels like to be united and the good that it brings to the world. May G-d give us the strength to defeat our enemies and defeat the evil that exists in this world, and may we do so as a united nation.

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