Douglas Murray Makes a Bombshell Revelation in This Unbelievable Interview

by Phil Schneider

The Arabs who committed the massacre on October 7th were not a small group of radicals. They were not an exception to the average Joe Arab in Gaza. They were not merely the majority. They represented the typical Arab in Gaza, the typical Arab in Judea and Samaria. They represented the aspirations of women and children all across Arab cities and towns across the Land of Israel. Talk about a rude awakening. Even right-wingers were surprised by the scope, viciousness, and barbaric nature of the attacks.

What Douglas Murray reports on are simply the harsh yet true facts. Arabs who commit atrocities are happy to do it, call their Moms to receive roaring approval, and raise their children to be barbarians like them. No word captures the actions of the Arab mobs more than the word “barbaric.”

For the last few decades, a majority of Israelis argued that Israel had no partner to make peace with. The argument is no longer an argument. Everyone agrees on the issue now, accept for a slight radical sliver of Israelis who simply cannot accept that all of the Arabs of Israel can be so barbaric.

The truth is that this sliver of people have a point. There are indeed a significant minority of Arabs in Israel who are not barbaric. But they are scared to speak out from fear of their barbaric leaders. The mosques spew anti-Jewish hatred on a daily level, and whatever moderate voices that may exist are drowned out in a sea of Jew-hatred. The moderates have no chance based on the status quo of today.

What will dictate whether or not a fundamental change happens is when Israel decides that it must take an active role in forming new cultural norms among Arabs in our midst. When Israel’s leadership decides that holding Army bases in Gaza is not sufficient to keep the peace, but textbooks reform must be changed too, then fundamental change CAN happen. It still may not work. But at least, it may happen.

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