Israel MUST have a presence in the West Bank, and here is why.

by Leah Rosenberg

The left wants Israel to leave the West Bank. But will it really do any good for ANYONE? What happens to cities that Israel removes its presence from?

Gaza and “Occupation”

Did everyone forgot what happened to Gaza a little over a decade ago? The left claims that Israel is “occupying” “Palestinian” territory. They argue that this is why there is no peace. Aside from the fact that Israel is occupying no one’s land but its OWN, that is NOT the reason peace hasn’t become a done deal. Israel completely disengaged from Gaza. Not only did it not bring peace, it brought rocket fire, attack tunnels, war, and fear for Israel’s people. A terrorist organization is controlling Gaza. Is that what people who criticize Israel wanted?

The West Bank

People say Israel should leave the West Bank because they are “occupying” it. Does this sound familiar? Either the world has a very short memory or they just don’t care about Israel’s welfare. The last time Israel completely disengaged from somewhere, it brought nothing but pain to the Jewish people AND the “Palestinian” people. Then what that means is the so-called “occupation” is NOT the problem.

Hamas and Fatah

You can argue that Hamas is the issue and not the “Palestinian” Authority. But that is just wrong. Mahmoud Abbas completely lies to the UN and the world. He pretends he wants peace, yet refuses to recognize Israel as a state and to live peacefully by the Jewish people. He constantly calls for violent uprisings and the spilling of Jewish blood. “Palestinian” education in school and on television is filled with brainwashing children so that they too will grow up to be terrorists. So, is it just Hamas that’s the problem?

I don’t know about you, but that is NOT how I would make peace…

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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