Israel Hits Back At Hamas After Group Sends Terror Balloons From Gaza

by Micha Gefen

Soon after the Bennet-Lapid-Abbas government pulled back from all out war with Hezbollah, the IAF was ordered to strike back at Hamas over its sending incendiary balloons into Israel from Gaza.

The real reason why the IAF was ordered to attack appears to be a show of force for the Israeli electorate. After all there was widespread criticism of Bennett’s weak response towards Hezbollah, which many people believe harmed Israel’s deterrence against the terror group and even more importantly against Iran.

The strike against Hamas, however weak, was Bennett’s attempt to restore Israel’s deterrence and a message to Iran. That being said, the tit for tat did not come off as anything substantial and with COVID rates rising back up, Bennett is trying his best to find some sort of distraction – even if it is attacking Hamas.

Yet, there is a problem.

Both Hezbollah and Hamas know that the Israeli military’s hands are tired due to the partnership of Arab Ra’am and super left Meretz in the coalition, which basically means they have veto power over any retaliation the IAF may want to take.

The retaliatory actions of the Bennett-Lapid-Abbas government reveal the perilous predicament Israel is currently in.

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