Fox News Proved Democrats Brutally Lied to the American People

by Phil Schneider

Dan Bongino does not pull any punches about the Biden administration’s policy about immigration. The policy is one of doing nothing – just letting them in – en masse. The numbers of people who are coming in is simply staggering. Whether or not, the immigration issue is a minor or major source of the coronavirus pandemic, it is absolutely a major issue in terms of the future of the United States of America. It may not be the same as Europe, but ultimately, the impact will be enormous.

Bongino claims that the Democrat party is filled with lies. That may be the case. But the main issue is their policy direction which is wrong-headed. The socialist-oriented policies and attitudes that place America as a non-interventionist, open-border country for all to walk into and receive free social services, has the potential to water down the United States of America into becoming a country that is not exceptional. The border issues are indeed the difference between Democrat victories in Texas and Florida in the coming elections. That is why so many of the leaders of the Democrat party are actually happy that so many immigrants are arriving. Covid-19 is not their main concern. Reelection is.

But hopefully Victor Davis Hanson is correct in noting that Democrat policies are unsustainable, and therefore will not continue for long. But how will the boomerang happen? At the election box? What if voter ID laws are not enforced and voter integrity is not protected. Voter integrity is not a 2020 issue. It indeed did exist in 2000, when Democrats complained that Republicans manipulated the system to win Florida and claim a win in the Electoral College. Actually, cheating in elections is probably as old as the United States. So, any improvement that makes it more challenging to cheat is a good thing. Voter ID laws are what will insure a bright future to the United States. Otherwise, illegal immigrants, and their dead relatives will vote the United States out of freedom.


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