Three Jews Abducted and Held in Brutal Nigerian Jail Tell Their Story

by Leah Rosenberg

These filmmakers were held in a Nigerian jail for 20 days. It was a cage. It was brutal. And now they are finally out to tell their story.

Abducted and Detained in a Horrific Nigerian Jail

People need to know what happened to these three Jews. People need to know how they were treated and what happened to them – all on false charges. They did nothing wrong. They just wanted to create a documentary. Rudy Rochman, Noam Leibman, and David Benaym are not spies. They are Jews who were trying to produce a film about the Igbo Jews in Nigeria. And they were taken to a Nigerian jail – into a cage. Rudy, Noam, and David were treated in ways that no one ever wants to imagine.

But there is something the world should learn from this story, aside from the injustices that took place. The world should learn that the Jewish people are strong and don’t give up. As was said in this video, “But if you know anything about the Jewish people, you’ll know that we are not ones to give up on our aspirations.”

The spirit of the Jewish people is stronger than the Nigerian government. If thousands of years of exile, persecution, and brutal oppression didn’t break the Jewish people, nothing will. It is time the world learned that their antisemitism won’t breaking the Jewish spirit. Their lies won’t deter the nation of Israel from continuing on; the Jews from continuing to share the truth.

Of course there will be setbacks. Of course there will be struggles along the way. But the Jewish people are unstoppable.

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