Israel Has Spirit

by Phil Schneider

The bravery and success of the Israeli Army is in many ways the story of the modern State of Israel. The State of Israel came up from the ashes of the Holocaust, but is intricately combined with the story of the Jewish people for generations beforehand. The most important part of this quick-moving video clip is the connection between generations that it communicates. That is the essential ingredient that keeps the Israel Armed Forces so infused with drive and ideology – a clear understanding that if we don’t serve, than the Jewish people go back to the age-old defenselessness of previous generations.

Previous generations of Jews fought – but mainly with their passport – if they were able to get one. But, the Jewish people, who were scattered across the four corners of the earth – from Europe, to Asia, to Africa, North America, South America, and Australia, served with distinction in the armies of all of the countries that they lived in. The idea that Jews don’t fight is just that – a myth. But until there was an idea of a State of Israel, Jews fought for their host countries – not for the Jewish people.

Today, the Israel Defense Forces fights for the Jewish people – within the State of Israel’s borders and outside too. It is not only Uganda, where Israel traveled to save it’s 101 hostages back in 1976. Israel has done this in Lebanon, Iraq, Ethiopia, Yemen, Syria, and other countries. The Israel Defense Forces is the defender of the entire Jewish people around the world. Every Jewish soldier knows that he is not just serving the State of Israel, but all of the Jewish people around the world.

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