Can You Believe It? Pelosi Ripped the President’s Speech

by Phil Schneider

The polarization within the United States political leadership reached a crescendo when President Trump would not shake the hand of Speaker Pelosi and Speaker Pelosi proceeded to rip up the speech of President Trump. It’s unfortunately not just a personal issue – it reflects the general culture in the entire House of Representatives.

Where did the polarization begin and how can it be improved? Most of the major polarization began during the Obama administration. But it undoubtedly has grown enormously during the Trump administration due to President Trump’s coarseness. He has had a rather effective Presidency in terms of changes that he has worked to implement. But he has done it in a very polarizing way, without much concern at all for the opposition. This is not healthy. Obama did the same thing, but at least he spoke in a diplomatic manner while doing all he could to bring down the opposition.

The United States needs to go back to a culture of civility and mutual respect within it’s institutions. The leaders that are necessary for that exist – largely in the Republican party. In 2024, the main Presidential contenders that will probably emerge will be Vice President Pence and Nikki Haley. Ted Cruz will probably run again too. But Pence and Haley will probably be the front runners, and may very well run together. They both offer a different brand of leadership. It will resemble the styles of Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, but with policies that resemble the Trump administration policies. That is what this country needs. But it will probably only happen in 2024.

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