Israel Is Not Letting Corona Impact Its Election

by Micha Gefen

While the corona pandemic sweeps across the world and spreads at an unprecedented rate, Israel is not letting the few cases hold back voting in next week’s unprecedented third election in one year.

While the cases of actual coronavirus remain small and only connected to those Israelis that spent time on the Japanese cruise ship the Diamond Princess and one that came from Italy, there are many more that have been quarantined due to their interaction with tourists that have had corona. These Israelis need special facilities to vote.

PM Netanyahu has said: “No need to postpone elections over coronavirus.”

The government is actually constructing small voting centers that are insulated from the outside world that are designed to allow those in isolation to freely vote.

These special voting centers are being formed to allow those who need to vote to vote. More than that they are also designed to shed a bit of calmness on the public in order to ensure that voter turnout remains up – something that will be difficult no matter what due to voter fatigue.

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