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Will The Supreme Court Block Netanyahu From Serving As PM?


Israel’s elected class and deep state have been in a constant struggle for control over Israel ever since Menachem Begin won the 1977 election to be Israel’s first non-Labor PM. This battle continues until today with some short break during Rabin and then Barak’s terms.

While the current AG may have indicted Netanyahu on three accounts of corruption, the same AG has just said that this does not necessarily inhibit Bibi Netanyahu from serving as PM. This ruling comes amid countless petitions to the supreme court over the incoming unity coalition. One of these petitions insists that Bibi Netanyahu should not be allowed to be PM over the corruption charges.

Will the supreme court allow Netanyahu to serve as PM?

No one knows the answer to this or how the Supreme Court will rule on any of the other petitions against the cumbersome and enlarged unity coalition that is both bloated and in many on the right – completely unnecessary.

Israel has one week left until there is a mandated automatic election – which will be the fourth one in over a year.

While Netanyahu wants a coalition, he knows that he may just benefit over a final showdown with Israel’s real enemy.