Israel Attacks Syria, Killing Iranian Agents and Weapons

by Micha Gefen

The rate of attacks between Israel against Iranian occupied Southern Syria and Hezbollah Occupied Lebanon continues to increase. So far there has been no retaliation from Iranian proxies in either country, but there will be.

While news about a ceasefire with Hamas has become a reality, Israel has taken a far more assertive stance in dealing with Iranian occupation forces in both its neighbors to its North.

Overnight the IAF launched attacks on Iranian installations in Southern Syria. The bombardment took place at 10:40 PM.

So what’s next?

These sorts of attacks have been occurring for a number of years in order to prevent Iranian occupying forces from becoming further entrenched in Syria. The challenge now is that this attack has come on the heels of increased tension between Israel and Hezbollah as well as the UAE peace deal.

Iran has continued to take an increasingly belligerent stance to the Abraham Accord, sensing it is a turning point in the region.

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