Bittersweet Thoughts on Moving Back to Work in Office Studio

by Avi Abelow

That’s a wrap!!!

Bittersweet thoughts as I packed up my home studio this morning, after recording a final zoom interview, and go back to set it up in my Jerusalem office.

Hard to believe six months have gone by. But, I definitely made the most of it!

We actually bought all of our studio equipment just a few months before corona hit. We were planning on launching a whole new endeavor, a project called The Pulse of Israel, to rejuvenate our 12Tribe Films Foundation, and begin to develop financial support to create and promote videos about Israel and the Jewish people, and be a proud & strong conservative, right-wing media source to counter the mostly left-wing media that covers the Jewish/Israel space.

We were still putting our plan of action together for production and then corona hit.

To make a long story short, due to corona, I took the studio equipment, set up a home studio in our little playroom/den, and over the past six months of almost daily video interviews and productions, is up and running with daily videos and our first donors, some monthly and some one-time donors, to all of whom we are so grateful in supporting our work!

While corona was definitely a challenge in many ways, it is satisfying to see how our staff turned lemons into lemonade and created a donor-based project from zero, during this pandemic which includes a heavy financial crisis as well.

We have a long way to go but seeing how and what we have built during these challenging six months is really quite amazing.

I want to thank my amazing co-workers for helping make this all happen.

I want to thank my kids for putting up with me being so close, yet sometimes so far, and unable to really be with them, like I wanted to.

Finally, I must thank my wife, Rachel Sheer Abelow, for everything, but especially for allowing me to bring some chaos into our home, actually for brining much more chaos into the home than usual, turning the playroom/den into my messy home studio. (Yes, I even used the kiddy playroom chair as my studio chair sometimes lol)

While it’s good to get back to work in the office, I will miss working from home, having the flexibility to go on a bike ride with the kids, jump to a local spring for a swim in the middle of the day or just take a break and run some errands for the family. There were definitely lots of benefits to working at home that I will miss.

I do hope, even though I have returned to the office, that I try not to work as hard as before and still take advantage of flexibility some times to do some of those things that came so easily when I was working from home.

Overall, while working and making a living is very important, family is everything! And Health! Neither of those can ever be taken for granted. Counting my blessings!!!

And if anyone wants to support the media work I do in trying to make a strategic long term difference for all of us, you are more than welcome to join in supporting our work. Just go to People are always giving me tips of how to improve and wanting to see/hear more, and I always tell them that it’s all about the funding. With more funding, we can ramp up the professionalism of the videos and do more for Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and the freedom-loving world!

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