Is this the golden Menorah that will be used in the Third Temple?

by Leah Rosenberg

We are all awaiting the day that the Third Temple will be built; a day when complete peace will come into the world.

The Menorah and the Third Temple

The Temple Institute, or in Hebrew Machon Hamikdash, is eagerly awaiting the building of the Third Temple. Actually, they are not passively waiting, but they are actively preparing. This institute educates the world about the Temple and all its laws. It teaches those who are ready to listen about the service in the Temple.

And the Temple Institute has also built and constructed various items to be used in the Third Temple. One such item is the golden Menorah which is on display in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. There are specific laws about the way the Menorah has to be built, and they have built the Menorah according to the strict laws. It is truly a beautiful structure.

We need to pray to G-d and also show Him that we are ready for His presence to be shown to the entire world. This is not just about Jews; this is about the whole world coming to a place of ultimate peace. That is something everyone can connect to – whether you are Jewish or not.

One with the Past

In Judaism, the past is not something of ancient, untouched history. Judaism and the past are one. Jews still do the same rituals from thousands of years ago. It is truly unique and unbelievable. And seeing the desire to rebuild the Temple by blending the past with present is amazing. Seeing the Menorah that can potentially be used when the Temple is rebuilt is inspiring.

May it be speedily in our days.

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