Is Omicron A Manufactured Crisis?

by David Mark

In one word yes. From the beginning of the coronavirus hysteria, there has been an international push to use each new variant to scare the masses into being compliant with government control over individual medical decisions.

Omicron is no exception.

With mass media help, Big Pharma is raking in billions of dollars on spreading fear of a new contagion throughout the world. But like all other “variants” this variant is just another dud.

So why Omicron and why now?

The coronavirus cash cow has been a lucrative business opportunity for Big Pharma and a drug for control driven governments around the world. However, the masses have grown tired of increased and never ending lockdowns and fearful of vaccines that seem to do more harm than good. So in steps Omicron, the newest fear driven marketing push that is being utilized for Big Pharma and the government to exert control over the masses.

Governments around the world are once again closing borders and pushing for mandatory vaccines despite the illogic in pushing for vaccines for a new variant, which they claim can bypass the vaccines. Omicron is the last ditch attempt by the global elite to cement their control over the common person.

In fact, doctors and experts appear to agree that most cases are mild and fear is not warranted. Omicron is not worse than any of the previous COVID-19 “variants,” according to experts. Yet, the news media and leaders want the masses to believe that this time is different. Just like before, each new “variant” brings fresh skepticism from more and more people, however Big Pharma’s lust for power and money appears never ending and so politicians appear ready to impose new restrictions.

Omicron is so ridiculous that it may backfire on the global elite. However, this will only happen if enough people say – they have had enough.

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